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    The gorgeous urban borough south of Manhattan where historic charm and trendsetting neighborhoods await

    Easily one of the most recognizable boroughs of NYC, Brooklyn lies southeast of Manhattan, just across the East River. Quick access to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge makes this borough a great location for commuters; however, the area itself is a veritable urban mecca. Large enough to contain its own subsegments and neighborhoods, Brooklyn is often divided into the following areas:

    Brooklyn Heights

    Replete with bustling piers and tucked right against the East River, the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is referred to as “America’s original suburb”—and for good reason. Tree-lined streets, gorgeous mansions, and elegant row homes are standard here, and access to urban amenities is a breeze thanks to its convenient location.

    Carroll Gardens

    The neighborhood of Carroll Gardens moves to its own rhythm, and commercial offerings here are usually locally-owned gems that provide unique goods rather than cookie-cutter name brands. New and old meld seamlessly here, and the residential housing is a great mix of newer high-rises and historic brownstones.


    DUMBO’s name—an abbreviation meaning “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”—is aptly given due to the bisecting presence of the Manhattan Bridge and the neighborhood’s reputation as the welcoming port into Brooklyn. Cheerful cobblestone streets, panoramic views of the NYC skyline, and a laid-back, creative attitude are the hallmarks of this neighborhood, and housing includes burgeoning high-rise buildings and renovated lofts.


    Northeast and connected to Manhattan via the Williamsburg Bridge, the neighborhood of Williamsburg is the kind of location where hip parties are happening from dusk till dawn, and the independent spirit of the residents contributes to the trendy and hip personality of the neighborhood. A mix of row homes and walk-ups are coupled with luxury waterfront properties, giving buyers a great range of options.

    What to Expect

    • Energetic nightlife and a never-ending stream of events
    • Trend-setting community always on the cusp of the newest fashions
    • Diverse architectural styles and housing options

    Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

    Montague Street is one of Brooklyn’s most enchanting commercial and shopping districts, located within the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Along the leafy streets and among the magnificent historic architecture are a multitude of mom-and-pop shops, NYC brands, and exciting local restaurants.

    Created out of a revitalized pre-Civil War era warehouse, Empire Stores is a collection of curated retail shops and foodie-approved restaurants that’s based in DUMBO. Waterfront views and a marketplace feel have been drawing visitors and locals alike to this innovative retail facility.

    There’s more dining in Brooklyn than one could possibly explore in a lifetime, but with pioneering chefs and exemplary culinary offerings that range from international fare to classic pub and bar foods, it’s certainly worth trying. Whether you’re in the mood to explore seasonal Scandinavian fare at the Michelin-rated Aska, or craving a down-home BBQ at a hotspot like Arrogant Swine, the dining scene in Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods has you covered.

    Things To Do

    When in Brooklyn, visiting The Brooklyn Museum and The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a popular way for residents to spend their afternoons engaging and expanding their cultural horizons. The botanic garden, in particular, is a way for residents to step out of the urban hustle and enjoy 54 acres of pristine natural beauty tucked within a dazzling greenhouse.

    Williamsburg is the place to be for nightlife, with clubs like Bembe drawing inspiration from around the globe to produce some of the most danceable live music in the area. Another much-loved spot, The Woods club houses a taco food truck around back, in addition to live DJs and musical performances.

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