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    A charming array of some of Manhattan’s finest nestled right next to Madison Square Park

    Conveniently located right in the center of Midtown Manhattan, the energetic neighborhood of NoMad—shorthand for North of Madison—has a longstanding reputation for elegance and refined beauty. Set along the northern border of Madison Square Park, NoMad is a conglomeration of upscale boutique hotels, luxury high-rises, and a generous number of great restaurants.

    NoMad’s history follows along with the history of Madison Square Park, meaning that its origins began with the park’s inception in the 1600s. However, residential housing didn’t begin to appear until the early 19th century, and when it did, it was in the form of resplendent brownstones and stunning mansions that helped to establish NoMad as a neighborhood for affluent families and prominent public figures.

    Modern NoMad is an up-and-coming hotspot of fashionable new-builds and trendy restaurants, which cater to the influx of residents, as well as a growing community of tech firms and creative entrepreneurs. While walk-ups can be found for reasonable prices on almost every street, the true jewels of NoMad are the historic brownstones and lavish condos, along with the newer, growing number of luxury high rises and amenity-packed apartments.

    What to Love

    • Access to the best of Manhattan and tons of transportation options
    • A large number of apartments and upscale housing available, including newly redeveloped historic locations
    • A laid-back nightlife and a gentle, hard-working daytime atmosphere
    • World-class hotels around every corner

    People & Lifestyle

    NoMad has all of the hubbub you’d expect from a centralized location—especially since it’s the connection point between Midtown East, Midtown West, as well as Upper and Lower Manhattan. However, the atmosphere here is elevated towards contemporary sophistication and sits away from the glitzy dazzle of places like Times Square. When residents aren’t working and in a flurry of motion, they’re kicked back and relaxing at the beautiful Madison Square Park.

    Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

    The fashion-forward can find their perfect match shopping at Dover Street Market, which was inspired by the famed Kensington Market in England. Here you’ll be able to browse well-known luxury designers and newer, urban streetwear brands making a name for themselves. The neighborhood is also packed with individual boutiques like Maison 10, which showcases city talents and the specialty products of creative designers.

    For a quintessential NYC experience, grabbing a bite at Shake Shack’s original venue in Madison Square Park—where it humbly began as a hotdog cart—is an absolute must-try. Plenty of outdoor seating allows you to enjoy your juicy burger or decadent custard shakes in the scenic setting of one of NYC’s most iconic locations.

    Everything from gourmet markets to authentic, award-winning restaurants can be found at Eataly, a colorful Italian marketplace where food is celebrated through classes, markets, and some of the best menus in the city. Fine dining is available throughout the neighborhood, but the restaurants at NoMad’s famous upscale hotels—including The Breslin at Ace Hotel and the rooftop bar at Arlo NoMad—are driven by award-winning chefs and are a staple for date nights and special events.

    Things To Do

    The most popular location for relaxing in NoMad is in the lush greenery of Madison Square Park. A hub for activity, the park is known for its frequent events, festivals, and day-to-day entertainment. Madison Square Eats, for instance, is a twice-yearly open food market that showcases some of the best and newest culinary offerings in the neighborhood.

    At night, NoMad comes alive with a casual and energizing nightlife scene based around the neighborhood’s many incredible bars and late-night eateries. Patent Pending is a daytime coffee shop turned nighttime speakeasy whose lavish interior radiates with an old-world feeling. Ornate décor and an undeniable opulence make the atmosphere at Oscar Wilde absolutely dazzling, despite its rather casual crowd and menu. Elevated pub fare compliments the cocktails served on the marble bar in this Victorian-inspired hotspot.

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